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Posted in local color by Paul Butzi on December 19, 2006

As folks may know, we got whammied by the windstorm that hit the Puget Sound area last Thursday night. Our power has been out since 11:30pm last Thursday; fortunately, our generator ran flawlessly for five days straight.

Puget Sound Energy restored our power feed at about 1:30 pm today. Just a few hours later, we took a delivery of propane (which runs our heat, generator, etc.) So even if we lose power again in the windstorm the weather predictors are forecasting for tomorrow, we’re good for another ten days or so without any conservation measures. That huge rushing noise you just heard was my big sigh of relief.

Today I helped yet another neighbor finish cutting out from over a hundred windfall trees. I figure that’s pretty much three solid days driving a chain saw. My Stihl saw and I are like this (picture two fingers held side by side). Talk about reliable – that chainsaw has started reliably, never hiccuped or coughed, and has tackled trees so big I had to cut first from one side, then climb over and cut from the other side. The saw is ready for more but I am beat.

I’ll post something related to photography tomorrow. Maybe some photos, eh?

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  1. Doug Plummer said, on December 20, 2006 at 4:36 pm

    Glad to have you back. You seem to have been in the epicenter of this particular event, and I’ve been thinking of you. We were unscathed here in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle, 10 minutes without power and just a few limbs down.


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