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Karmic Justice

Posted in business by Paul Butzi on December 27, 2006

The magazine Shock is folding.

You’ll recall that Shock is the Hachette Filipacchi Media attempt to introduce a version of the French magazine Choc to the American market, and that Hachette Filipacchi Media saw fit to use as the cover photo of the premiere issue(without obtaining permission) Michael Yon’s photo of an American soldier cradling an Iraqi girl who was fatally wounded in a terrorist attack.

Apparently, despite assurances from HFM that a settlement would be reached, the publisher still has not settled with Yon.

I’m delighted to hear that this magazine didn’t succeed. I hope HPM loses a huge amount of money. I hope all their magazines lose a huge amount of money, and I hope that the scummy people responsible for the illegal use of Yon’s photo all get what they so richly deserve.

Yon will apparently continue his legal action against HPM. Good for him. I hope he wins a huge settlement and those scumbags at HFM all end up selling pencils on a street corner somewhere nasty.

Details here and here.

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