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Posted in motivation, process, shows by Paul Butzi on January 6, 2007

I’ve written elsewhere about my mixed feelings about doing shows.  On the one hand, at some level, I feel that shows can be a good motivation to get work finished, framed and presentable.  Editing a large body of work down to a managable size for a show is a great way to come to grips with a project’s direction and progress.

On the other hand, it’s a huge hassle.  This show will be 20 prints – not a large show, but not a small one either.  So that’s 20 images I need to polish and make final prints.  It’s 20 mats to cut, 20 foamcore backing boards to cut, 20 prints to mount.  It’s 20 frames to either assemble or get out of storage and clean, 20 sheets of glazing to clean and get dust free, and 20 frames I need to put prints in, adjust the wires, and all the rest.

Then I have to get the prints to the gallery.  The show is at Gallery f/5.6, and while it’s good exposure, it’s up to me to hang the work, and when the show is over, it’s up to me to take it down and transport it home.  No matter how you cut it, it’s a bunch of work.

And with just a bit over three weeks to go, I had better get busy.  As is usually the case, I”ve managed to put things off until the very last minute.

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