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Posted in artists, interesting blogs, motivation, process by Paul Butzi on January 13, 2007

Tracy Helgeson, an artist who from my pedestrian position appears to be deservedly fixed in the artistic celestial firmament, wrote in this entry in her blog;

In the interview, I prattled on about how going to art school was really valuable to me and how making many sacrifices, including time and income would probably be necessary, blah blah blah. While those things are true, what I really should have said was this:

Put your heart into your work. Period. Many other things are important, like an education, observation, talent, imagination and discipline, but learning how to be honest in my work has brought me many rewards. Not financial (I would have totally smirked here) although that is good, of course, but the utter joy of expressing myself and connecting with others through that expression. And the heart and the honesty is what makes that possible.

I love Helgeson’s blog.  I suspect we all subscribe to some degree to a romanticized notion of the artistic life, but she does a wonderful job of painting a different, more realistic view by just telling us about how she fits making art, preparing for shows, and the other tasks that face artists into a life that seems full to overflowing with home life, including kids, spouse, chickens and the rest of a fully lived, balanced life.

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  1. Tracy Helgeson said, on January 14, 2007 at 12:31 pm

    Paul, you have a bunch of loyal readers-you mention me and they all come to visit! And I like this: “appears to be deservedly fixed in the artistic celestial firmament”. I wish I could be completely out there, but alas, reality calls…

    Thanks for the mention!

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