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Fortune Cookies

Posted in whimsy by Paul Butzi on January 27, 2007

Down in town, there are three restaurants: one is Pete’s Grill (the tavern), one is Ixtapa, the Mexican restaurant, and the last one (the Chinese place) used to be called Ho Won.  Ho Won has changed hands and management several times in the past few years, and now is called something else I can’t ever remember, so that I refer to it as “the restaurant formerly known as Ho Won.”

But the food is good, and we eat there several times a month when cooking and cleaning up after seems like more of a burden than driving down to town and back.  And naturally, we always get fortune cookies at the end of the meal.

I don’t usually pay much attention to the fortunes in the cookies, because they’re so often completely pointless.  But the time before last, the fortune I got caught my eye, so I tucked it into the pocket of my jacket.  And then the next time, the fortune was once again interesting, so I put that one in the pocket, too.  And now I just found them again, and I thought I’d just post them here.

Carl Jung would have something to say about this, I think.

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  1. Derek said, on January 27, 2007 at 4:28 pm

    The trick to understanding fortune cookies is to put “in bed” at the end. Then it all makes sense!

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