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Posted in process, shows by Paul Butzi on January 31, 2007

Yesterdays tasks were cutting overmats, hinging the mats to the backing boards, and generating the labels, etc.

I cut the overmats in what turned out to be a personal best time, mostly because with the prints all made exactly the same size on the inkjet printer, all the mats are cut exactly the same.  Last year, I didn’t exploit this, but this year, faced with 19 mats to cut, I set up a pipeline – set the mat cutter offset and production stops, make all the short side cuts on the mats (stacking the partly cut mats as I went), then adjust the offset and stops, and make all the long side cuts.  I stopped halfway thru to throw the ball for Kodak.  I had all the mats cut and hinged before lunch, ate a quick lunch, then hustled off for poll-worker training.  After the training, drove over to Bryan’s shop and picked up the frames I need, along glazing with I didn’t think I’d need.

Today’s task was to stuff all the prints into the mounts, then stuff the mounts into the frames.  Mounting all the prints went fine except that I got to the end of the stack of prints before I got to the end of the stack of mounts.  After some head scratching, I found the three missing prints hiding in the Device for the Flattening of Curly Prints.

Then it was clean the frames, clean the glass, and assemble everything.  To my delight, all but 4 of the frames were strung to be hung landscape (all 19 images are horizontal, not vertical, a first for me).  I only stabbed my fingers twice while stringing the 4 remaining frames, and because I wore gloves, didn’t cut myself on the glass even once.  (And only one finger cut yesterday, from when I stacked up the mat board scraps to throw them out, and that didn’t even bleed)  I ran out of glazing and had to dip into the box I got from Bryan to the tune of five sheets.  This saved me from doing the usual thing, which is go into the house and start taking stuff of the walls so I can steal the glazing (or frames, or whatever).  Total number of sheets of glass I broke – zero.  This is a first.

So I am sick to death of show prep.  The good news is that, unlike every other show I’ve done, I did not look at the work as I was framing it and think “oh, no, this is crap.”  Instead I just felt better and better about the images.  This probably means everyone else on the planet will think it’s all crap.  Oh, well, too late now.  All I have left to do is unite the labels with the prints, and then hang the stuff this weekend.


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  1. Jim Jirka said, on February 1, 2007 at 8:23 am

    Where are you showing your images?

    If it is locale, I may stop by to take a look.

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