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How to not do business – reprise

Posted in business, ethics by Paul Butzi on February 12, 2007

Ok, a another episode in the ongoing story

The guy from called me this morning.

 What he told me ran along the lines of I realized right after I clicked ‘send’ that the email I’d written was badly worded and didn’t really express what I was trying to say.  He claimed that he didn’t really mean it when he dissed small companies run out of people’s homes; why, some of’s best customers are just such companies.  And he’s looked at the competitor’s website and can’t find the phone number I insist is there.  He was just trying to convey that what is all about is excellence in customer service.  He would never, ever stoop to bashing his competitors.  Not ever. 

My observations were:

  1. He noticed the problematic wording right after he clicked ‘send’?  Why, then, did he send the offensive email, then wait until now to call me and try to straighten it out?  I tried to ask him this, but he kept interrupting me, so I never got a chance.
  2. I managed to get in a sentence telling him that the phone number could be found by clicking on the ‘contact us’ tab on every single page of the website.  He found that confusing.  I’m guessing by ‘confusing’ what he really mean was that strange feeling you have when you’ve been lying through your teeth and someone lets you know you’ve been caught at it.
  3. If he’s so intent on telling me how great customer service is, why didn’t he even once mention the myriad wonderful features of customer support?  So far, he’s not offered a single detail.
  4. Obviously, WOULD stoop to bashing competitors, since that’s exactly what his email did.
  5. I don’t believe a single word that he said, primarily because when he tried to apologize, what actually came out of his mouth was “I’m sorry you’ve misinterpreted my email.”  Yeah, right.  You send me offensive email, and it’s my fault I’m offended.   

The guy went on for about 10 minutes.  Every time I tried to get a word in edgewise, he’d interrupt and then just steamroller right over what I was saying.  I kept expecting him to try to do something to try to make things right, but he just kept going on and on with the same sob story. After 10 minutes of this pointless one-sided conversation, I realized that my initial read of the situation last week was, in fact, completely correct.

So I hung up.  Why waste more time on these bozos?

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