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Posted in shows, the art world by Paul Butzi on February 28, 2007

This year marks the fourth time I’ve donated prints to Poncho (an arts support organization) for their Annual Invitational Art Auction.  (for those looking in the catalog, you can find my prints in the ‘silent A’ section, on page 48 in the catalog).

This year, I will confess to being a little weary and a lot short of time when I submitted the prints and the forms, and so I didn’t give them a description of the work or much of a bio blurb, figuring they could just crib from previous years auction.  So I was a little surprised when I got my copy of the catalog, and came across my two prints, and read the descriptions, which I guess were written by the curator and/or the catalog writer.

Here are the two images, and below each one is the text from the catalog

Shell Station in Carnation, WA

This familiar scene is imbued with a sense of quiet drama by Butzi’s expert use of contrasting light and the tension between the natural and built landscapes.  Butzi has shown his work throughout Washington for almost a decade and is a founding member of Group f/5.6, an informal organization of photography artists in the Greater Seattle area. He is also an instructor at Cascades Academy of Photography.

Un-Named Slough, Carnation, WA

Butzi’s landscape photography has been widely exhibited and collected, and his articles on black and white printing techniques have appeared in major photographic magazines.  In this color pigment print, crisply delineate lily pads appear to float on the tips of inverted pines plunged into liquid blue sky.

Notwithstanding a few minor errors it seems like flattering stuff.  I think I’ll steal that bit about the tension between the natural and created landscapes and ‘sense of quiet drama’ for the next revision of the ol’ artist statement.

Maybe if I showed work in venues that got reviewed more often, I’d get used to reading what other people write about my work.  As it is, it seems somewhat surreal.  Nice, but surreal.

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