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Canon EF 24mm f/3.5L TS-E motivations

Posted in equipment, process by Paul Butzi on March 30, 2007

Alan George writes in the comments to a previous post

I have the 90, 45 and 24. The 24 is not a dog, but if your objective is stitching it maybe a little wide to be considered general purpose stitching lens. At least it is for my style. The 45 and then 90 are used far more. If I were starting, I would get the 45 with the 1.4 and 2.0 telextenders. And get the RRS nodal point head, at least the horizonal one.

I’ve pretty carefully considered how wide the 24 is – remember that all this started with some experimentation done with the PC-Nikkor 28mm.

I am not interested (at least not right now) in stitching multiple rows and columns, nor am I interested in panoramics formed by rotating the camera.

I’m explicitly interested in the effect of using a very short focal length and a rectilinear presentation.  One of the advantages of using a lens with shift is that I can get this without having to do serious warping of the images to be stitched in photoshop, which means that I can determine what will be in the frame at exposure time, rather than not really knowing for sure until I do the stitching.

I could get the same results with single exposure by using am 18mm rectilinear lens on the EOS-5d and then cropping top and bottom to get a 2:1 aspect ratio.  I just want more pixels than I would get with the single exposure, because I would like to print these 2:1 panoramics fairly large.

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