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Local color

Posted in whimsy by Paul Butzi on March 31, 2007

Just after Kodak had his Coyote Adventures, we got a phone call from a neighbor who had found Kodak about quarter mile away from our house (just off our property).  She was kind enough to bring Kodak back, but ever since then poor Kodak has been suffering under the humiliating restriction of the radio collar, which keeps him within about 100 feet of the transmitter.  This is enough room to wander all the way around the house, but not behind the studio, and not all the way behind the garage.  Kodak tells me, on a more or less daily basis, that this is a direct violation of the Geneva Conventions, his constitutional rights, and basic human decency.

The pent up energy has to go somewhere, of course, and it seems to come out mostly when we let him off the collar and throw tennis balls for him.  We can throw them up the driveway, which gives him a pretty good 100 foot run out and then another 100ft back, or we can throw them down the hillside toward the stream, and he gets to play find the tennis ball in the brush.  The recent rains (which caused flooding in the valley) have swelled the stream into a Raging Torrent, with the result that Kodak has pretty consistently started the search IN the stream.  In addition, when he eventually finds the ball, he seems to feel that another visit to the stream is an Important Priority, and so the tennis balls have been getting quite a few swimming lessons.  We are all hoping that Kodak’s friend Tucker completes his post surgery rehab swiftly and that there are many visits to Tucker’s to swim in the lake during the spring and summer.

The warmer weather (not quite 60F today) has not only caused all the plants to start growing like mad, but has also triggered the onset of the Annual Arthropod Invasion.  Wasps are getting into the house and I can’t figure out how, the bees were buzzing me constantly today as I crossbowed the Damn Blackberries, and I need to refill the propane bottle for the Mosquito Magnet and fire that thing up.  I have seen coyotes on the driveway, so I know they are about, but they’ve been pretty quiet.  In another few weeks, all the pups will be born and we’ll be treated to bedlam as they all learn to yip at night.

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