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Posted in equipment by Paul Butzi on April 18, 2007

Mr. UPS delivered my new lenses today – a Canon 24mm f/3.5L TS-E, and a 24-105mm f/4L IS.

These are part of two experiments for me. 

The 24mm TS-E lens will give me (I hope) a fast, easy way to do 2:1 format stitched panoramics using my EOS-5d.  I’m hoping to continue along the lines I was trying with the 4×5 masked down to 6x12cm (but in color).

The 24-105mm IS lens is to let me get better results working at low ISOs handheld.  Yes, I’ll actually attempt to make some photographs without a tripod.  If you hear a low boom on Thursday, that will have been the sound of my head exploding as a result of this change.

The weather forecast for tomorrow looks like rapidly changing weather most of the day, which I think is highly promising.  I haven’t been this excited about new gear in I don’t know how long – I wasn’t this excited when I bought the EOS-5d.  (That’s because I didn’t yet know how much I’d love the 5d.  If I’d had a clue in advance, I would have been ten times more excited).

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  1. Kjell said, on April 19, 2007 at 2:56 am

    As much as I appreciate the quality you can get on a tripod, I also enjoy the spontanous and fluid way of shooting hand held. I often feel that this kind of shooting helps my creativity, and I am more than willing to sacrifice some technical quality for this from time to time.

    Enjoy your 24-105, it’s a fine lens.

  2. Andy Chen said, on April 19, 2007 at 8:36 am

    I try to be a good photographer, I really do. I’ve taken my hefty aluminum Bogen legs and ball head on backpacking trips. Except for my camera gear, I use ultralight backpacking equipment. To take a full size, non-carbon fiber tripod adds quite a bit to my weight. But, I’ve taken it anyways, because that’s what good photographers do. Sometimes to save weight, I’ll bring a smaller travel tripod.

    Alas, of the many days I’ve spent in the back country, I’ve taken full advantage of having a tripod oh… once.

    I’ll go ahead and setup the camera on the tripod, mirror-lockup and cable release, and then find 4 or 5 compositions that the tripod makes restrictive to attempt. And then I’ll think… gee, I have image stabilization, yank the camera free and go on my merry way.

    My last backpacking trip, on the urging of my wife, I left the tripod behind. Funny thing, I didn’t miss it.

  3. Rosie Perera said, on April 19, 2007 at 9:42 am

    I almost never use my tripod anymore since buying my EOS-5D. Both my lenses are f/2.8, which gives me shutter speeds sufficient for hand-held in most shooting situations. If I’m in particularly low light, I bump the ISO up to 1600 (or sometimes — rarely — even 3200) and sacrifice a tiny bit of clarity. But with 12.8 megapixels, practically no one would notice the graininess. I haven’t tried blowing up any of my 1600 or 3200 ISO shots really large though. I don’t think I’ve used > 800 for anything I really cared about.

    Basically, the only time I use the tripod now is for:
    a) self-portraits
    b) night photography
    c) long exposures for creative effects

    Being able to shoot more photos has improved my skill and aesthetic eye more than using a tripod would improve my image quality. So in the end, I think it’s a win.

  4. Billie said, on April 20, 2007 at 5:46 am

    If we could have a small 24, 28, 35 or even 50 f2.8 prime lens with IS…..Now that would make me very happy for low light. I spent 2 days with the 5D and 24 2.8 lens in Mexico City. Easier to carry and much lower profile in crowded markets. But the IS would be nice in restaurants and bars.

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