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Photography: A Very Short Introduction

Posted in books by Paul Butzi on April 27, 2007

Several weeks ago, UPS rolled down our driveway, to deliver to me a copy of Photography: A Very Short Introduction.

Now, I admit that I have not read very many of its 139 pages, because I took one glance at the book, and put it below several others (including several books of David Plowden photos) in the stack of books to read.  But I feel compelled to comment on the book-nature of this book – the object properties of this thing as a book.

I am not opposed to ‘very short introduction’ treatments of subjects.  In fact, I think it looks pretty promising.  But this book is… is… is… just horrid.

Someone needs to inform Oxford University Press (the publishers of this volume) that a book can be short without being physically miniscule (this thing is 11cm x 17cm, the size of a pocket paperback).  A short book need not be set in type which is painfully small and hard to read

And more specifically, it does not need to be that size and have the text set with 3/8 inch side margins, and, what is worse, a gutter margin that’s so narrow that you risk breaking the spine of the book just trying to see all the text.

And then, of course, the reproduction quality is lousy.

But the text – we shall have to see.

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