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Posted in web issues by Paul Butzi on May 14, 2007

Just a short note about comments.

Comments on this blog are unmoderated – that is, there’s no delay between when you submit a comment and when it gets posted during which a human checks to make sure it’s a real comment and not spam advertising porn sites, or cheap drugs, or whatever.

Instead, your comments are reviewed by a bit of software (akismet, in particular) and if the software ok’s the comment, it goes through.  If it doesn’t ok the comment, THEN it gets held for a human (me, in fact) to review.  I try to go through the dreck often and ok real comments, but if I’m busy it might take a while.

So if your comment doesn’t seem to appear right away, you have two choices: you can either wait for me to get around to reviewing the queue, or else you could send me email at the address over to the right, alerting me to go review the queue and release your comment from servile bondage.  Submitting the comment over and over won’t work, and probably trains the software to think everything you post is spam.

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