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Posted in web issues by Paul Butzi on July 2, 2007


Herewith, the regular update on blogs and posts I’ve found enticing since the last installment:

  • on Colin Jago’s Photostream, this post on the results from the Sigma SD14 and its Foveon sensor.  In fact, Colin’s had a whole bunch of posts recently on color issues that have just been great, and make me feel that my current approach to color is woefully inadequate and I really should get with the program and work hard on color issues.  Just browse all over the last two weeks of posts.  You won’t be sorry.
  • Over on Guy Tal’s Essential Landscape Web Journal, this post tackling the difference between seeing and photographing.
  • Frank Armstrong continues to give us in-the-process updates on the progress of his ongoing road trip on Pitchertakin’, with the most recent post here.  Keep scrolling backwards thru time.  I’m loving Frank’s travel storys and photos.
  • On Martin Stabler’s Sightlines, this nice post on spaces as objects.
  • At Frank Petronio’s eponymous Frank Petronio Photographer, numerous posts chronicling his ongoing photographic project with decorated models.  Go here, and keep scrolling back.  This stuff is wildly different from what I’m currently photographing and I’m amazed at the great stuff Frank is getting.
  • At Tracy Helgeson’s Works by Tracy,a long series of posts that, all together, give a view of a productive artist’s life thats different from the romanticized stereotype.  Again, start here, and keep going backwards.  Whenever I get into that whiny mood where I’m thinking I’m not very motivated to make photographs, and anyway I’m busy, etc. etc, I go and read Tracy’s blog and remind myself that it’s not about motivation, and it’s not about having time, it’s about getting it done.  At least I don’t have to deal with bleeding hamsters, big snowbanks that interfere with feeding the chickens, and the other perils that Tracy faces.
  • Lisa Call has had a great series of posts on her emerging thoughts about selling art, on her blog New Work and Inspiration.  Go here, keep scrolling back.
  • Ed Winkleman has a great post titled The Logic Behind the 50/50 Split, discussing how much investment galleries put in before they start recouping their investment.  For those who are interested in gallery representation, it’s a must read.

There’s more, but the bookmarks are on another machine, so I’ll have to save them for another post.

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