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Posted in interesting blogs, macintosh by Paul Butzi on August 26, 2007


As part of the household switch to Macs, we’ve taken delivery on one of the iMacs that Paula will be using. As a bit of a treat, I gathered up a bunch of photos that I’ve made in and around the house, and put them in a folder, and told the iMac to use the photos in the folder to make a slideshow as the screen saver. I don’t know what I expected – snap transitions, blah blah, but I thought it would be fun. But it turns out that the Mac does cross fades between the photos, and it also does a little Ken Burns style pan-and-zoom across/into/out of the photos, so that the slideshow is filled with motion. And, you know, I watched it go, and I thought “Hey, this looks pretty darn good. Especially for no effort!”

And that got me thinking about slideshows. It got me thinking about slideshows as a way to present a body of related photos, in a sequence. I’ve always hated, and I mean intensely hated, those web sites where portfolios are presented as slideshows. I hate that I want to flip through the photos quickly, and can’t, or that I want to go more slowly, and can’t. I guess slideshows are like children’s invented summer plays – when it’s not your children they’re excruciatingly horrid, but when it’s your children, the same play is a beautiful testament to the wonderful imagination and creativity encoded in your genes.

So I was sort of expecting that the next slideshow I came across I would think was the same old horrid painful dreadful stuff.

But no. This morning, I came across this slideshow on Dave Beckerman’s blog. I sort of winced when I hit the ‘start’ button. And then I was entranced. A slideshow. A slideshow with MUSIC, the very sort of slideshow I hate, hate, hate. And, truth be told, I loved it. It doesn’t hurt, certainly, that Dave’s photos are awesome. It doesn’t hurt that I like the music, either.

But a week ago, I would have hated it intensely. Interesting.

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  1. Dave Beckerman said, on August 26, 2007 at 10:57 am

    I know what you mean about slideshows, Paul. I tried to arrange the images so that they were related in certain ways, like film montage. It’s a crude technique. To really do it right, the music should be scored afterwards to fit the montage – but I don’t have the time for that.

    Anyway – glad I didn’t scare you off.

  2. Joe Reifer said, on August 27, 2007 at 11:58 am

    The cult of Mac is changing you? I recently had a gallery opening, and left a Mac laptop with a slideshow of recent images on the merch table. Funny how hypnotizing the slideshow experience can be if it’s done well. – JR

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