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z3100 updates

Posted in hp z3100 by Paul Butzi on November 14, 2007

Not much time this morning, just enough to post a few notes on my z3100 experiences so far:

  1. My $1000 rebate check from HP finally arrived. Whew. Now I can relax until the next time I buy something that includes a whopping big rebate and see that the form says “No PO boxes”. What a stupid, stupid way to generate stress in your customer base.
  2. My z3100 ran the light gray ink cartridge dry yesterday afternoon, just as I got to the end of making prints to be framed for my upcoming show (Show opens Saturday). The fact that I managed to get all the display prints made before running out of ink flies in the face of Murphy’s law. The web display of how much ink in the cartridge read “53ml”. But the printer claimed the cartridge was empty. I pulled it, it’s definitely empty. It’s not clear if the cartridge was short fill or if the printer is somehow losing light gray ink. I had some intermittent banding, and it may be that the printer doesn’t account for ink lost to head cleaning, and that’s where all that light gray ink went. I suppose a call to HP Support is in order. Sigh

Other than the intermittent banding (which seems to go away and come back, and all occurred more than a month ago so that my memory is a little hazy), and the ink mystery, the printer is great. It just chugs along. The fact that it’s way faster than the Epson 9600 is definitely a plus – I got a lot of printing done yesterday before I ran out of ink.

I’ll stop by my local supplier today to buy an emergency cartridge to get me printing again. This just shows the folly of owning a printer and not having spare ink cartridges on hand – I’ve also ordered a complete set of ink cartridges that should be delivered next week.

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