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Posted in Blogroll by Paul Butzi on November 29, 2007


I have thought long and hard about ‘inspiration’ and its place in photography. I had planned on writing some stuff about it, too.

And now Dave Beckerman, whose blog Black and White Photography Blog has been a must visit blog for me, has saved me the trouble, because he’s written what for me is the definitive post of the subject.

A little sample:

What I’m trying to get at – is that the idea of inspiration as something helpful in the creation process – maybe in the sense that it gets you out of bed – or out of the house – but frankly – surprise is much more productive. Being open to chance is important. Both in during the shooting process, and just as much during the review process. If you can toss your inspirations away; toss away your fixed ideas; and just be open to the scene, the moment or whatever is unfolding – that’s when it gets exciting.

Don’t settle for this little snippet. Go and read the whole thing. And then, when you’re done, browse back over the past months for a couple of hours of excellent reading about making books and a host of other good stuff.

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