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Posted in Blogroll by Paul Butzi on January 1, 2008

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Happy New Year!

I’ve been very bad recently about making regular posts pointing to interesting stuff I find on various blogs.

Here’s my (meager) attempt to make amends. The following are blogs I’ve consistently enjoyed reading or viewing over the past year (Order is not significant):

  • Matt Alof’s 1point4 – not a blog about photography but a photoblog, one of the few that I actually follow.
  • Colin Jago’s photostream – Colin’s delightful and engaging thoughts about things photographic, ranging from equipment issues to pondering the deep issues of art. Colin’s Today is also excellent.
  • Dave Beckermans Black and White Photography – Good photography, and lots of interesting posts both on his print sales efforts and on making books.
  • Doug Plummer’s Dispatches – I find most everything that Doug writes interesting, and the topics range from Doug’s ongoing Trials and Tribulations with Mass Storage to deep insights into Doug’s artistic process.
  • Martin Doonan’s Doonster – thoughts on photography from a engineer. Having an engineering background myself I often find that Martin’s posts get me thinking.
  • Frank Petronio’s Frank Petronio – Frank’s been working hard on an interesting project for quite a while now, and regularly posts photos from that work. It’s radically different stuff from what I do but I enjoy both his excellent work and his candid comments on the work and process. Warning: some posts might not be safe for viewing in environments where viewing websites that feature nudity will result in Bad Consequences.
  • Mike Johnston’s The Online Photographer has had some uneven periods but seems to be evened out somewhat. It’s been on and off my list by turns but I’ve been enjoying it more and more lately. I don’t agree with everything that appears there, but that’s not a requirement.
  • Paul Lester’s Paul Lester Photo – I’ve been following Paul’s excellent writing and photos for quite a while now. Paul is coming at photography from a different direction and I find that really interesting and refreshing.
  • Kathleen Conally’s A Walk through Durham Township is apparently a hugely popular photoblog and is one of the large group of photoblogs that I started following some time ago. Of that large group, Kathleen’s is the only one still on my list.
  • Doug Stockdales’s Singular Images – I’ve been particularly entranced by watching the progress of Doug’s project Bad Trip – Sad Trip but I enjoy the whole thing.
  • Frank Armstrong’s Pitchertaker – Frank teaches photography. I particularly enjoyed his posts from his summer photo road trip.

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  1. matt said, on January 2, 2008 at 5:56 am

    Paul, thanks for the link. There’s a lot of real talent on your list, and I’m delighted to be included.

  2. Martin Doonan said, on January 3, 2008 at 5:38 am

    Thanks for the mention – glad that someone finds my stuff interesting. It’s a bit of a circle – your blog often prompts the thoughts that lead to the posts.

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