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Posted in the art world by Paul Butzi on January 28, 2008

From the opportunities:

Get people thinking about art in the places where we live and work. Show people that Art is Happening everywhere in the region. The concept is to create a sign that every artist, musician, poet, dancer, designer, etc., can post telling people that creative work is happening all over the place. The sign should be suitable for photocopying or printing from e-mail so as many signs as possible can be posted in the community where live, work and contribute.
– Design must include the Tacoma Arts Community Logo:
– The design must include the website in a readable lettering:
– The design must include your name or signature.
– The design must include the following phrase in LARGE, READABLE LETTERS: Art Happens Here (or something similar that conveys the idea).
– The design must be easy to print from e-mail on a home computer on 8½ by 11 paper. Original art will be scanned.
– The design might include a space for individual artists to fill in the kind of art they create.
Submissions must include by a signed Submission Form. (It can be sent separately by regular mail, if you email the design. Include enough info with each part so we can match them up.)
Deadline for Submissions: All entries must be received by March 1, 2008.

Submit by Email (preferred) to
Or by regular mail to:
Teresa Owens
6708 A St
Tacoma WA 98408
Questions: Teresa (253-307-6350) or
For more information, visit:

I think this is such a cool idea – not so much in the sense that it’s specific to Tacoma. More the idea that it would be neat to have everyone who does art (and not just the folks who are making a living at art) post signs. Not long ago I discovered that Linda, the barista at the Carnation Starbucks, designed and made jewelry. And then I discovered that another barista had a degree in art.

I’ll bet that if you passed out signs that said ‘an artist works here’, very few places of employment would not qualify for a sign, provided you made clear that ANY artist counted.

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