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Posted in the art world by Paul Butzi on March 12, 2008

In my email-box this morning, compliments of Craig Barber’s excellent mailing list:

Today Pro-Imaging has launched a campaign targeted against all those organisers and sponsors of photographic competitions that are merely rights grabbing devices.

A press release has been issued to photographic media and organisations throughout the world and we are assured that our story will be carried in at least one major photographic news outlet in the U.K. and in another in the U.S. The press release can be read here –

We are undertaking to supply to the world a consumer report whereby we test photography competitions against a set of conditions embodied in our Bill of Rights for Photographers. Competitions with T&C’s that fail any of our tests result in the sponsor being notified of their failure, and given seven days to adjust their rules.

Clive Bubley
(Member of

I’m sure that some contests are on the up and up, although I think people should be mindful of what they’re after as well as what the real costs are when entering even legitimate contests. Efforts like this one seem like a good thing.

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