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Posted in shows by Paul Butzi on March 28, 2008

Ok, so during the past week, I made the prints I needed for the show I’m hanging this weekend. They were all done, flattened, in a neat stack, ready to go into the frames.

And the frames were ready, too. I know that they had prints in them, but the key point, the Key Point, was that the prints where held in the matts with corners, so that I could pop open the frame, pop open the matt/backing board combo, pull the old (and now undesirable) print, pop the new (and desirable) print into the corners, close everything up again, put a new label on the back, and presto! I’m ready to go.

So this morning, under a bit of growing time pressure, I start in putting the new prints in the frames. I get the first frame open, get the old print out. I put the new print into the corners, with a little swearing because the plastic corners I used are actually instruments of Satan. But I get it in there, and I close up the matt, and I go to sign the print, and I notice The Fatal Flaw.

The problem is that the print is not aligned with the matt. I invented a few new words at this point, and took the print back out. Like Eeyore, I put it back in, sort of hoping in a confused way that when I got that puppy back in there the problem would have magically vanished. No dice.

So now I have to figure out what’s wrong. What’s wrong is that the print is not centered on the paper. Not even close. This sends me to photoshop, my custom paper sizes, and a fevered examination of the margins. I find nothing wrong, but find one suspect thing, which I fix. “Ha!” I think. “I’ve got it.” And I make a new print, which should be shifted to the left and centered up and down, and it comes out Exactly The Same.

A quick look at the HP support forum leads me to realize that it is utterly worthless. I finally realize that I don’t actually have to use the corners. I decide to just hang the prints in the matts with t-hinges. Problem is not exactly solved but it’s at least deferred until a time when I am not feeling like I want to kill someone.

I hate this.

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  1. matt said, on March 28, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    ‘What’s wrong is that the print is not centered on the paper. ‘

    On my Epson this is often due to failing to select Borderless printing or some such thing.

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