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Day 5

Posted in Solo Photo Book Month by Paul Butzi on April 5, 2008

Today I spent a little more time editing and processing the photos I’ve got so far. It’s mostly dross, which seemed depressing until I reminded myself that for any given subject I always have to go through making a lot of boring bad photos before I seem to get through to the next layer and start making photos that seem to hit the target. I’m seeing a lot of photos which were bad ideas, and a small number of photos which were decent ideas, and a small number of photos which were good ideas but badly executed.

If I had been clever, I’d have gone out and started with this project a month ago. Then I would have gotten past the stage of making lots of depressingly bad photos and gotten to the stage where I was starting to tap into something goodm just as SoFoBoMo started. It wouldn’t have been cheating but for some reason I was worried I’d exhaust the subject and be left with nothing when the SoFoBoMo month started. Foolishness, in retrospect, but there you have it.

But I am getting glimmers of ideas, little flashes of hints of photos that I want to include. I don’t know what the locations are, and the details are not there at all; it’s all fairly fuzzy. But I’m confident that I’ll know the images when I see them, both when I’m out with the camera and when I’m home looking at the day’s exposures on the screen.

Progress of a sort, perhaps.

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