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Posted in hp z3100, paper by Paul Butzi on April 18, 2008

I wasted much of this morning, foolishly pursuing trying to profile sheets of paper in the z3100, all to no avail. First I tried Epson Premium Luster, whacking off sheets from a 44″ roll I have left over. I can get it to calibrate fine. It barfs when trying to scan the printed profile test pattern, complaining about “paper type/LED”.

So, thinking it as a major printer problem, I reprofiled another paper, this one a roll. Worked a treat.

I tried just having the printer scan the Epson Premium Luster prints. No dice, same error.

Finally, just to find out if it’s a problem with the Epson paper or a sheet problem, I tried to have the printer scan the test print I generated on the other paper. No dice, same error.

This will have to wait until I have the fortitude to call up HP and do battle with phone support. With my frustration level already high, it will have to wait.

This is a disappointment, because I’d been hoping to be able to ask people to send me, say, three or four a3 sized sheets of various papers, and I’d profile them and blog about the results. Sheesh, if I can’t profile using sheets I guess that won’t work. Even putting sheets in and telling the printer it’s a roll won’t work because it does different stuff to de-skew the paper.


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  1. david b said, on May 17, 2008 at 12:13 am

    What is your current assessment of the Z3100 now that you have had it a while. It sounds like it’s been a very up and down experience which one would not expect for such a high end machine. Have you printed any photos that make full use of the 44″ width? Have you tried Hahnemuhle paper on the machine?

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