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Posted in Solo Photo Book Month by Paul Butzi on April 22, 2008

I’ve settled in to the editing today. I haven’t had quite the level of trauma as that described here ( a whole slew of DNG files for the SoFoBoMo project got deleted. Permanently. Ouch) I did manage to have a photoshop action run amok and overwrite a bunch of .psd files (only about three). Fortunately I noticed the problem, stopped the action, and could easily restore everything from the backup. I have multiple levels of back (as I’ve described in the past) but this sort of thing still scares me. There’s an object lesson there, folks. Be careful! Make backups!

I’ve dropped a few photos into the InDesign skeleton and cranked out a pdf. That’s good. I have some idea of how I want to edit the photos down to a smaller set, and I think I have enough good images that I’m not in trouble there.

And now, I think I’ll try using FotoMagico to review the images, as I described in the last post. More on that later, I guess.

Kodak has been urging me to make sure I have eliminated the risk of not having enough photos by going out on several more walks, right away. Naturally, just as I transition from photographing to editing, the weather improves.

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