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Posted in Solo Photo Book Month by Paul Butzi on April 24, 2008

Ok, since the number of folks that have finished their sofobomo books has started to grow, I have finally gotten off my duff and taken steps to actually get a website up and running.

I know that lots of folks wanted a discussion forum, I know that people have all sorts of ideas of what sort of nifty stuff could be hosted on such a website. For various reasons I’ve not wanted to have this first SoFoBoMo become quite so managed. To a large extent I didn’t want to make it too polished, because I wanted to see how many people were attracted by the underlying concept rather than attracted by the fact that it appeared to be a mass movement that would swiftly become some sort of world government. In other words, I have an innate distrust of things that are highly organized.

In any case, Bernie Sumption has agreed to both build the initial website and host it. Lots of other people offered to help, and I want to thank everyone who offered, but it seems to me that if we had more than one person doing it, I’d end up managing something, and since I’m not getting paid (and don’t want to get paid, thanks) better to do it with one person.

When the website is up and running, you’ll be able to use a form to submit the details about your completed book. The submissions will be moderated to prevent vandalism and abuse, but once a moderator approves your submission it will go with all the other approved submissions on a page where people can go and gaze in awe. As you can imagine, there are details to be worked out, here, so don’t be surprised if this changes some before we get it all going.

Also on the site will be the ‘official’ rules, Gordon McGregor’s excellent essay on why folks might want to participate, the list of people who signed up saying they would give it a shot, etc.

So here’s the reason for this post: the web site will be based on this template. I’d like you to click on that link and gaze in mute wonder for a moment. Notice that at the top, there’s an image that runs across the page. That image is 760 pixels by 200 pixels. Notice that the leftmost 320 pixels of the image are covered up by that blurry bit and some text.

So what we need is an image to go there. I’m hoping some motivated photographer has (or will make) some stunning image that expresses the very best of what SoFoBoMo means to the world, in a space that’s 760×200 pixels with the leftmost 320 pixels obscured. I’m hoping that person will give the limited rights to use that image on the website, in exchange for nothing at all except the thrill of having his/her image up there for the world to see.

To the extent that such an endeavor can have rules, they are:

  1. Nothing offensive, please. You know what I mean. Be nice.
  2. No bending the rules on size and shape and where that 320 pixel block goes.
  3. If more than one image is submitted, I will pick the final image from the pool. My decision will be final and there will be no whining allowed. Who knows, we may use more than one of the submissions. I don’t know yet.
  4. You submit an image for consideration by posting a comment on this post that includes a link to the image.
  5. You must hold all the rights to the image you submit. If the image is a montage, you must have secured permission from the owners of all the images used.
  6. More rules may be added if I find them necessary

Go to it.

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  1. Anita Jesse said, on April 24, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    Oh, no! Another go forth and make yourselves still crazier! Seriously, this sounds very exciting and I, for one, have confidence—easy to say since I am not doing the work—that it will be just organized enough to be practical without arousing distrust.

    I do have one thought. Having seen the work of so many talented participants I wonder what happens if there are so many outstanding submissions for that wondrous 760 pixels by 200 pixels space that the judge has trouble making his final and unquestionable choice. I have seen sites that use rotating images and wonder if that would take any unwelcome pressure off the one making the decision. You can see my mind just naturally searches for a way out of this type of responsibility.

    Now, I look forward even more to finishing. During my recovery, I can enjoy this forum. Another big thank you to you, Paul and the same to Bernie Sumption.

  2. Brian Elliott said, on April 28, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    i am just appreciating the depth of field and sharpness on the photo.

  3. rvewong said, on May 2, 2008 at 11:48 am

    Here is a candidate SFoBoMo header image that to me symbolizes “Solo Visual Exploration”

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