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Posted in Blogroll by Paul Butzi on May 5, 2008

Two different posts on two different blogs caught my attention this morning:

On Frank Armstrong’s Pitchertakin’, I found this post particularly uplifting this morning. I can’t articulate why, but somehow the combination of that particular photograph and Frank’s writing about the new greens of spring and the mood of a drizzly day gave me a boost at the exact moment I really needed one.

And on Paul Lester’s blog, I found this post on Daily Practice to be interesting. I’m a fan of regular practice, not just because it keeps my photographic skill set sharp but also because it’s like meditation and seems to help me keep myself in that somewhat elusive happy equilibrium.

I’m not sure why it is, but it seems to be particularly helpful if, during my more or less daily practice, I try to tackle some problem or make some small advance on what I’ve done the previous day. Pondering on that this morning brought to mind an old, old John Hartford lyric from a song titled “Julia Belle Swain“:

Well, I come up the river the other night
darker than the inside of a cow
Ain’t nothin’ like a crooked old river
to straighten my head right out

Sometimes tackling problems is exactly what we don’t want to do, and the problem solving we’re forced to do just disrupts our lives. And sometimes we need small problems that are just at the right level of challenge, in which we can invest our attention, and solving those problems keeps us happy and stable. I don’t understand why that is, but you don’t need to understand why to put it to good use.

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