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Filling the well/priming the pump

Posted in process by Paul Butzi on May 13, 2008

Like a lot of SoFoBoMo participants, I’ve been in a bit of a post effort letdown. To get out, I’ve been trying to pick up the camera every day without any plan in mind except to fool around, and I’ve been trying to get caught up on things like reading that I’d deferred while I was making the big push.

What I’d forgotten was that maybe some unrelated activities might help ‘fill the well’, as Julia Cameron put it in The Artist’s Way.

By good fortune, we had the perfect activity scheduled for yesterday – a chance to hear a reading of a new play by one of our very favorite playwrights. It’s a fabulous play, and it got a great reading by an all-star cast. I’m often both thrilled to be present at readings of new plays, and uneasy for fear that I’ll get in the way. By good fortune, this time we happened to run into a good friend as we were going to grab lunch near the theatre, and we got to have lunch with him – and he was reading a part that afternoon. And we got to meet the couple who had commissioned the play, which was delightful – it’s nice to meet anyone who’s willing to commission new work in the theatre.

Anyway, after that I can feel the beginnings of the itch to get going on things again. Things, that is, other than the big slog of getting through the swamp of Print on Demand.

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  1. Gordon McGregor said, on May 13, 2008 at 11:52 am

    The PoD swamp is sticky and a slog. I love having my copy of the book back, but I have a nagging desire to re-do it tweaking the colour settings and undoing the slight over-correction I did in soft proofing.

    Part of me wants to be done with it. Put the book on the coffee table, move on. The other bit wants it to be perfect, which I’m sure it won’t be, but it could be better.


    But if I don’t do it, it’ll hang over me. So I think I have one more PoD pass to go through and then I’ll call it done. Ish. Maybe. Until the next proof arrives.

  2. Anita Jesse said, on May 13, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    I am guilty of wanting to pump and drink endlessly and too often want to rush the filling of the well.

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