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Posted in art is a verb, Blogroll, process by Paul Butzi on June 4, 2008

A while back, Starbucks was promoting the movie Akelah and the Bee. At the time they were handing out little cardboard cards with various unusual words, like the one in the photo above. (side note: I didn’t find most of the words all that unusual.) Anyway, one day the word of the day at the local Starbucks was ‘elucubrate’, which I liked so much that I brought the card home and taped it to the cabinet above the spot where the tea kettle lives, in the hopes that having it there would prompt me to get more done by working harder and longer. It worked for a little while, and then the card faded into the background and I forgot all about it.

But a couple of days ago, I noticed that my photo output had dropped off considerably. About the same time, the card caught my attention again.

I just need to get out more with the camera – work harder and longer. I need to elucubrate.

But there are so many distractions. Here are a few more:

Matt Alofs, whose photography I greatly admire, has a very much worth reading post on his blog, about whether we actually WANT photography to be considered art.

Paul Lester has a post on daily practice. It’s an older post, but it touches fairly directly on my current situation.

Gordon McGregor has a wake up call, touching on a host of issues like talent, style, intuition, high energy particle physics, and intergalactic ballistics. Ok, not those last two. I’m having trouble writing a cogent description of Gordon’s post, and it’s short, so you should just go read it.

Over on seeing… thinking… photographing…, a post about the gap between the art we want to make and the art we end up making instead.

Somehow there’s a thread running through all that. It has something to do with not worrying about what the outcome is, but instead focusing on the positive benefits of the process.

And on that note, I will now step away from the computer, pick up the camera, and take the dog for a walk.

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  1. Bahi said, on June 4, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    It’s probably the kind of thing that’s going to irritate a few people (I’d never heard of Ira Glass till yesterday, for what it’s worth) but I enjoyed this clip about the difference between what you like and what you end up creating in the first few years of trying and how important it is to keep going.


  2. Robert Hoehne said, on June 5, 2008 at 3:38 am

    and post on the Pictures site.

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