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Posted in equipment by Paul Butzi on June 10, 2008

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I have a Infrant (now Netgear) ReadyNAS NV+ for sale. If you are wondering what to store all those camera raw files on, this is a great solution.

This is a network attached storage device. You hook it up to your network (it will do anything up to gigabit ethernet with jumbo frames), and it runs as a file server. Your computers connect to this device and can read and write the files on it. It talks SMB/CIFS, so it will do file sharing with Windows machines. It also talks AFP, so it works nicely with Macs. Finally, it supports NFS, so it works fine with Unix machines. (the device itself runs Linux). In addition to the those three file sharing protocols, it also supports FTP and HTTP access.

The ReadyNAS NV+ also can run Slimserver, serving up music to Slim Devices players, an iTunes streaming server, a UPnP AV server for network media players, and a Home Media Streaming Server.

An excellent summary of all the cool stuff this thing can do can be found here.

The disks are can be configured in several different ways – RAID levels 0, 1, or 5, and also in the X-RAID format, which lets you add disks as you need more capacity.

The setup I’m selling includes 4 250GB disks, and is just like this except that my unit has 1 GByte of *factory installed* RAM, which substantially improves performance over the standard 256MB.

In this configuration, it reports that it has 688 GB of redundant storage available. If a single disk fails, you pull it out (the disks are mounted in hot-swappable drive sleds), put a new disk into the sled, and stick it back into the unit, and the unit repairs the RAID array without any muss or fuss. Yes, I have actually tested this, both in pre-use testing and with real, live data. In addition, you can replace disks with higher capacity disks one at a time, and it will automatically expand the size of the RAID array. So you could start using this unit, fill it up to 689 GB of data, then replace the disks one at a time with 1TB disks, and end up with your 689GB of data on a RAID volume that has a total capacity of 3TB.

All configuration of the thing is done using a web browser, through the simple web interface the device serves up on the web. Included with the unit are the power cord, a network cable, and the CD containing the manuals and the software that finds the device so you can launch the web browser with the correct address to configure it, and the printed ‘Getting Started” guide.

The unit itself has just a few days under 1 year of 24/7 service. The disks are Seagate ST3250823AS disks and have about 2.5 years of 24/7 service. All four disks are SMART reporting disks and report no reallocated sectors and zero error counts – in other words, the disks have been powered up for 2.5 years but self-report as having absolutely no problems. All four disks were scrubbed by writing zeros and then random data, then installed in the ReadyNAS NV+ and initialized by the ReadyNAS NV+.

The ReadyNAS has been powered off for about 6 months, since I replaced it with another system. I’ve opened it up, blown the small amount of dust inside out, done some testing to make sure it all works, reset the device to the factory configuration, and installed the four disks and let the device format them into a single X-RAID volume.

Manuals and installation guide are available online.

Questions? Please ask.

Street price for the configuration I’m selling is about $1100 bucks new. Price: $700

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