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z3100 power usage

Posted in hp z3100, z3100 by Paul Butzi on October 1, 2008

Just this morning I got an interesting email from Tom Quinn, who wrote:

I seem to have a very similar printer history and wondered if you would answer a question? I have owned these Epson printers 3000,5500,4000,7600,9600,10000 and now an HP Z3100.

My question concerns power use age and the dreaded fan noise. When the printer is switched off and still plugged in power usage is about 2 watts. After turning the printer on power usage goes up to about 40 watts.

My problem is the lack of ever going into sleep mode. Sleep mode has been set for the default 30 minutes.

The display, green power button, fan and power usage do not change over the entire day.

How does your printer indicate when it is in sleep mode?

It turns out that my z3100, which used to politely enter ‘sleep’ mode and dim the display, no longer does. Like Tom, I’ve fiddled around with the sleep mode timer, to no avail.

My attention was distracted from this problem because for the past few months but as the weather turns colder and I spend more time in the studio, I had just noticed it again.

I’m guessing that it’s some problem with a newer firmware upgrade. Anyone know anything about this? If you have a z3100 it would be interesting to know if your printer’s behavior matches Tom’s and mine, and if your printer’s standby behavior has changed.

Unsurprisingly, Tom’s email response from HP is that they’ve haven’t got a clue. Given recent experiences as part of a beta test program for an HP printer, I am doubtful that anyone at HP would notice if the standby behavior changed across a firmware upgrade.

But whatever. If you’ve got info, even if it’s just to see if your printer does what ours do, chime in in the comments, please

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  1. Simon Minshall said, on October 1, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    My printer, z3100 24″, still switches its display off after some time. It’s set to do so after 30 minutes but i’ve never timed it. When it’s sleeping I can still hear the fan running and the web server is still alive. It was doing all this before so can’t say I’ve noticed a change.

    Firmware TR12-TR_7.0.0.3 is installed.


  2. johan buelens said, on November 5, 2008 at 9:53 am

    i recently bought a z3100 44″ which went to sleep as instructed when it came out of the box; however, since upgrading to firmware TR12-TR_7.0.0.3, it doesn’t sleep anymore, never …

    it’s connecte through ethernet, if that might have any influence …


  3. johan buelens said, on November 7, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    here’s an update on my previous post: my z3100 with TR12-TR_7.0.0.3 firmware does go to sleep after 30 minutes – if i disconnect the ethernet cable. if, while it sleeps, i reconnect the ethernet cable, it soon wakes up and again suffers from insomnia …

    (i do not run any hp monitoring software on my mac.)

    are there any knowledgeable people at HP to tackle this issue ?

  4. Tony said, on June 13, 2009 at 10:32 am

    I too have had the issues with my z3100 (latest firmware) not sleeping. I was getting to my wit’s end until I decided to do a definitive test of the source, since I have a network of many macs and PCs, and the z3100 is connected via ethernet.

    I tried changing the sleep settings on the printer and nothing worked.

    I tried disabling bonjour on the printer, and that didn’t fix the sleep issue (This meant creating a new printer connection via IP printing).

    It was only when I put my mac pro to sleep that the HP went to sleep, so I knew that the mac that was monitoring the HP was the source of the HP insomnia.

    Then I tried unchecking all sorts of preferences in the HP Printer Monitor app and nothing changed. It would seem that the ‘Enable monitoring’ preference would be the issue, or the rate of refresh on the monitor would disturb the printer.

    I tried changing the sleep time on the printer and reducing the rate of checking to see if the printer would sleep in 30 minutes and then have the monitor disturb it by checking every hour.

    Nothing seemed to change until I found a preference in the application “HP Printer Utility” that said “Attempt to connect to printer(s) that were connected at the end of the previous session”. Clicking the other radio button “Open Printer Selector” seems to have made a difference now.

    Note that all of the changes were cumulative, so I have not isolated the specific variable or settings that allow the printer to sleep or keep it from sleeping. All I know is that the environment seems to let the HP sleep now.

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