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Still Here

Posted in local color, whimsy by Paul Butzi on December 21, 2008


Nothing photographic to report. We’re still here, safe and snug. Power went out last night at about 1am, I got up and reported the outage to the power company, and then went back to bed – the generator auto-started (yay!) and so we all slept warm and snug. The power came back on at some point, I’m not sure when. It looks like we’ve got about five inches more snow on top of what we had left over from before.

We never got the high winds, thank goodness. As soon as I finish this here cuppa, I’ll venture outside (accompanied by the Trusty Canine Companion) and see what the road is like. Must go out today, I think, unless Greg’s flight is canceled.

More news later.


Greg arrived at the airport to find that United had no record of the reservation Expedia assured us they’d made. We’ve spent countless hours on the phone trying to get Greg onto a homeward bound plane.

If you work for Expedia, and you’re wondering why you’ve suddenly broken out over every square inch of your body into painful boils that erupt even more incredibly painful suppurating sores, the answer to your question is that my prayers are being answered.

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