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Posted in equipment, hp z3100, macintosh, photoshop, software, z3100 by Paul Butzi on February 3, 2009


So today, after puttering away at the upgrade process on the Mac Pro an hour here, and hour there, I finally got it all working. The solution, for those who actually care, was to go through the various upgrade paths offered for Mac OS X 10.5, taking slightly different paths each time, until I got to a path that worked. This required wiping the main hard disk and starting over from scratch several times, which is why it was done in dribs and drabs, an hour or so at a time. Each time I got some part started, I’d go outside, enjoy the nice weather, and play with the dog.

In the end the path that worked consisted of doing a clean install on the drive, using the ‘migrate’ feature at the end of the install to move all the apps and files (but NOT system settings, etc.) and then use software update to update EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. Then I ran the HP installer, added the printer, and it all worked. There was a moment of fear when I ran Photoshop and it went through the registration, but to my utter amazement the registration WORKED.

Whew. The whole thing felt a lot like cleanup after a big storm. Well, except I got to play with the dog a lot. I highly recommend enlisting the help of a dog in defusing the stress induced by such an upgrade. Without Kodak’s help, I’d be a basket case.

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  1. forkboy1965 said, on February 4, 2009 at 8:26 am

    Congrats on a successful mission. Your work has inspired me to upgrade to new and larger hard drives on my home-built PC.

    However, I’m not certain my goofy dogs would offer much in the way of stress reduction…

    “Can I lick the inside of the computer, dad? Huh? HUH? Just let me lick the sticks of RAM!!!”

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