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Name Your Dream Assignment

Posted in interesting blogs, the art world by Paul Butzi on March 18, 2009


I noticed that Doug Plummer, (of Dispatches fame) has submitted a project to the “Name Your Dream Assignment” contest.

I’m a big fan of both Doug’s blog and his photography. If you browse back through his blog, you’ll see a fair number of posts about his dance photography, along with a fair bit of writing about his experiences photographing dance.

I think Doug’s proposal is excellent. Through his blog, I’ve seen the sort of work he does, and I know Doug would produce a lot of great photography if his proposal was selected.

So, please – take a moment, go over and browse his blog posts about still and video of dance. Go and read his proposal over at Name Your Dream Assignment. Think about the photos on Doug’s blog, and about his writing and open sharing of his photographic process, and consider that you’re not picking just a project proposal, you’re picking a project proposal where you know the person is an incredibly skilled and committed photographer with a deep, abiding, and personal interest in the subject. This is a proposal that comes directly from Doug’s love of both photography and dance – it’s not just an attempt to produce a proposal that’s attractive to a large group of people and will get a lot of votes.

And if you think Doug’s proposal has merit, please go and give it a positive vote. I know that you have to register to vote – yes, it’s a hassle. But you can avoid much of the hassle by unchecking the ‘send me lots of stuff’ check box on the registration page, registration takes only 30 seconds or so, and I really think Doug deserves the support.

So I’m asking, as a sort of personal favor, that if you think his proposal deserves a positive vote, please just register and give it a vote. It’ll only take a short while. Honest.

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  1. Doug Plummer said, on March 20, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Thank you so much, Paul, for this show of support.

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