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SoFoBoMo Follow Through

Posted in Solo Photo Book Month by Paul Butzi on March 23, 2009


One of the problems I had last year came after I finished by book for SoFoBoMo, not before. The problem was that I finished the book, and rather than use that effort as a sort of launching pad for further efforts, I just sort of drifted to an aimless stop. Post SoFoBoMo Letdown, as it were.

So one of my goals for this year is to try to aim further out than the end of the 31 day period – to have a process that spins off the book a the right time to finish SoFoBoMo, but to then continue to work toward that more distant goal without really letting up. It’s sort of like playing pool. When you first start learning the game, it seems it’s all about getting the balls in the pocket. And then you get a bit more sophisticated, and you realize it’s about getting those balls in the pockets, and leaving the cue ball lined up for the next shot afterward.

I suspect this is one of the things that is easier said than done. But I know I’m not alone in my post-SoFoBoMo letup experience, so it’s worth thinking about now, before things get hectic and it becomes easy to focus on the short term goal of just finishing SoFoBoMo.

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  1. Gordon McGregor said, on March 23, 2009 at 10:23 am

    I think I read that pool analogy somewhere else this week.

    I’ve always found this sort of postpartum depression after any form of creative work. I think it is fundamental to the process really – maybe fighting it too hard is the way towards burn out.

    Anything that has an end date seems to have this period of aimless wandering after it. I think it might just be healthy.

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