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Posted in local color, Solo Photo Book Month by Paul Butzi on May 6, 2009


Well, I’ve returned from my long trip. There were some house issues to sort out – the boiler had died, and it took several days to get that sorted out. We once again have heat and hot water. You forget how nice such things are, right up until you don’t have them anymore. Then the lack drives you wacky.

It took my brain a while to catch up, too. Not much time shift this time, but it took us about 20 hours of being on the move before we were back home. Whew. As someone observed, the unpleasant part of travel is the travel part. Special hint for Avianca – it was not entertaining to watch your in-flight entertainment system reboot continuously for the entire flight. The first few reboots were amusing. After that, it just annoys.

Anyway, we have returned, and are back in the thick of things, since all the ‘out and about’ stuff which we would normally have done during April has been pushed back into the first couple of weeks of May, and there were already May things to do. As a result, I’ve decided this time to exercise the ‘fuzzy month’ and start my SoFoBoMo effort closer to the end of May than the start. This is convenient, since I am still clueless about what sort of project I want to tackle. I’m guessing I’ll unlimber the cameras, start making photos, and follow my nose.

I see there are (as I write this, but not much longer) 634 people signed up for SoFoBoMo. That’s a lot of people, and this is especially driven home when you look at that map with all the orange flags on it. Wow. And the registrations, of course, just keep pouring in. The upshot, here, is that in a few days, we’ll have something like 4 times as many registrants this year as we had last year. This makes the 3x increase I joked about in my April Fool’s day post look a bit tame. I hope the world is braced for what comes in the future.

I’m having a blast reading the blog feed. If you’re blogging, I’ll point out that this is a prime way to get a lot of eyes on your blog, some of which might actually stick as readers beyond the end of SoFoBoMo. If you are not reading that blog feed, you are missing some pretty inspirational stuff.

And on that note, I’ll point out that the PDF hosting/upload stuff has been turned on at So if you’re one of those people who has already finished a book, why, you can now upload it to the website, where it will be hosted for eternity. Or something. For a long time, anyway, long enough for lots of people to view your work. Go to it!

More later, when I remember all that stuff I wanted to write about over the past month.

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