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SoFoBoMo Words to Remember

Posted in Solo Photo Book Month by Paul Butzi on May 31, 2009


Colin breaks a camera on his first day of photography for SoFoBoMo.

And in writing about it, he writes (in part):

There’s nothing like standing somewhere and actually taking pictures for ending the theorising.

As he so often does, Colin drills straight to the heart of the matter. If you are trapped in the theorizing and can’t get started with the doing, head out into the real world and start doing. The abstract possibilities are stripped away in a manner most gratifying.

I was stumped on what I was going to do for SoFoBoMo. And then my most excellent friend Bill Saltzstein got me off my duff, into an empty theatre, camera on tripod, shutter open.

And the dust was blown from the crevices of my brain, my ambivalence ended, and the way was clear. And if you had told me the night before Bill and I entered that first theatre that I would not only do my SoFoBoMo book from this project, but that I’d do in in B&W and by the end of two weeks I’d be looking forward to pursuing this project way beyond the end of the fuzzy month and the SoFoBoMo book, I’d have told you that you were three times mad.

If you are thinking “At this point, each day of delay means I get less than 31 days to do my book”, there might be a clue, here. Go out, camera in hand, and make photos. Something will become clear. It might not be what you had in mind, but then that seems to be the way the world works. Make some photos. See what comes to mind when you look at them.

And then run with that idea, with faith and confidence. I predict that if you do this you will succeed.

Because, as Colin points out, there’s nothing like standing somewhere and actually taking pictures for ending the theorizing.

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  1. Bronislaus Janulis said, on May 31, 2009 at 4:14 pm


    I’m enjoying your B/W photos a lot; they suit the subject well. All of this SOFOBOMO has me working a little more on a personal photo project, that falls outside of the parameters set, though I will continue, and post as a PDF on my web site and blatherations. ( Damn, I really dislike the word blog, what the hell is wrong with me?)Anyhoo, glad you got some reinspiration.


  2. Amy Sakurai said, on May 31, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    I’ve been remiss in adding my kudos for your theater photos – they all have been marvelously beautiful and well-crafted – and I can’t wait to see your final book. (And out of 700 PDFs, you can bet I’m being picky as to which ones I’m investing my time in viewing.)

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