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My Personal SoFoBoMo status

Posted in Solo Photo Book Month by Paul Butzi on June 6, 2009


Unlike last year, where I documented pretty much exposure I made for SoFoBoMo, this year I’ve been working away industriously on my own without saying much about it.

Here’s where I am…

I have the book layout mostly done, in InDesign. Much of my books layout is simply lifted from my effort last year. Unlike last year, where I put a lot of thought into the layout, this year I’m mostly interested in generating a book in time for the end of SoFoBoMo, without losing the momentum I have built up for the project overall. I like this empty theatre project, and I see it going on for a long time – much longer than the one month effort for SoFoBoMo.

So I have the book layout done (mostly), and I have a bunch of photos laid in the book, in four sections – one section each for the four theatres I’ve photographed so far. I’ve got roughly 100 photos in the book now. That’s way more than I want for the final book, so I’m busily working on editing that number down.

To top it off, I have another session at yet another theatre scheduled for Monday afternoon. That will give me one more section, and a slew of photographs to add.

Finally, I have a lot of text to write. This is not good news, because the writing part is going very slowly. So far I have written quite a lot, and then throw all but a very small fraction.

I started this whole project on May 18th. I still have plenty of time, but I’m planning on being finished with the book (but not the project) on 14th.

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  1. retiredeagle said, on June 6, 2009 at 7:57 am

    Hi Paul. Like you, the SoFoBoMo book done does not mean that it is really done. I am still working on my second book though it is posted to the challenge site. It appears that there actually may be a chance for its publication outside of self-publishing such as Blurb. I agree, it is the writing that takes the most time. But, I think that a combination of writing and photography is what will make a good photo book a better photo book.

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