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Adobe PDF reader security

Posted in PDF, software by Paul Butzi on January 13, 2010


Those of you who were concerned about the Adobe PDF security issues revealed nearly a month ago (see this post) will be relieved to know that Adobe have finally issued an update to fix the issue.

I used the regular Adobe Update feature in Adobe Reader to pick up the update successfully.

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  1. Walter McQuie said, on January 14, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    I’ve returned to this image several times. You’ve posted several the last few days that could have come from the same session–wet brown leaves with greens–but this one has the most resonance for me. I have to say that something I read in the KR post you so appropriately disagreed with seems to apply here.

    Regarding the image he used to illustrate his ideas, he spoke about his use of negative space and the importance of the geometric shapes relative to the content of the nominal subject matter of the image. Your image here is an even stronger justaposition of negative and positive space and all the more interesting (to this viewer) for the organic shape of that transition. Mr. Rockwell also highly values strong color relationships and his image utilizes one worthy of any glossy magazine ad. The deep green against motled wet browns in your image is even more evocative in a subtle everyday sort of way. On both shape and color your vision comes across as keener, more personal, and most importantly, most in line with my taste :).

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