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Posted in Leica M9, process by Paul Butzi on March 9, 2010

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I made the trip down into the bustling metropolis of Carnation today, to have lunch with my friend Alex. I went a little early and took a stroll around town with the M9 and the 35mm. The 50mm and 35mm had quite the argument about who got to ride on the camera today.

I got plenty of honks, and a few that are not exactly honks but not quite winners either. I’ve been a little surprised at how tightly composed things are coming out on the edges. These two are uncropped. There’s no thought there, it’s just been lift camera to eye, tweak focus, press shutter. The same habits from the walks with the 5dmkII, extended into the somewhat more snappy world of the M9.

The ‘move thumb to cock shutter’ reflex is now gone, replaced with the ‘forefinger turns on camera’ reflex if the shutter doesn’t fire.

I’ve gotten several questions about whether I’m processing these differently from the exposures made on the 5DmkII. My processing remains the same, with two exceptions: 1) I’ve been tweaking color temperature for each M9 exposure because so far they have been all over the map and some intervention has been called for to get things normalized, and 2) I’ve taken to adjusting tonality with the image in toned grayscale, then turning off the greyscale conversion layer. I’ve been doing this more and more with the 5DmkII images, and have made it a regular practice with the images from the M9. I’m of two minds about whether I like this or not; it’s still in the experimental stage.

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