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Posted in Leica M9, process by Paul Butzi on March 23, 2010

ra-100322-0520.jpg ra-100317-0453.jpg ra-100317-0450.jpg ra-100317-0441.jpg ra-100317-0434.jpg

We’re sort of programmed to look horizontally. When I took forestry classes, I learned to look up, into the canopy of the forest, as well as horizontally.

The camera has been teaching me to look down, straight down, for some time now. You think of the ground as just ‘ground’ but it’s rather startling to see what’s actually down there when you look without thinking ‘ground’ as you do it.

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  1. Gavin McLelland said, on March 23, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    These remind be a bit of some Andy Goldsworthy photos/artworks.


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