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Feeling the SoFoBoMo love

Posted in Solo Photo Book Month by Paul Butzi on April 19, 2010


I’ve got a number of emails asking about why I’m not constantly posting about SoFoBoMo as it approaches, as I did in 2008 and 2009. Short answer: I want my blog to be my stuff, and I want all the SoFoBoMo stuff to move over to

A number of folks have mentioned that they’re not feeling the SoFoBoMo love this year the way they did last year. And, of course, last year a number of folks mentioned that they didn’t feel the love the way they did the first year.

Well, I have good news on both fronts. That good news is the new SoFoBoMo website. Beyond the functionality of what we had last year, we actually *listened* to what people said they wanted, and this year there’s a discussion forum where you can both receive the SoFoBoMo love that you’re missing, and you can share the SoFoBoMo love you’re harboring that everyone else is missing.

To top it off, we’ve got another new feature – a section of the website where we’re planning to have lots of helpful info on software, page layout, good books to look at, PDF creation, PDF size control – all the stuff you need to know about to be successful and complete a book for this year’s SoFoBoMo. What’s that? You say you already know that stuff? Well, navigate over there, take a look at what we’re doing, and figure out a way to share your knowledge by contributing what you know, both in the forum and as a volunteer building the wiki.

In other words, if you’re here hoping to catch some SoFoBoMo buzz, you’re in the wrong place. Navigate over to, and help make SoFoBoMo 2010 a big success for folks all around the world. SoFoBoMo continues to be an all volunteer operation, and we want to make it as good as we can, and that means we need your support.

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