Musings on Photography

about the blog and photos

About this blog
This blog is where I record my current thinking about photography and art. It’s not about finished thoughts, it’s about work in progress. For me, photography is a tool I use to figure things out. This blog is a way for me to figure things out about photography and art.

About the photos
The photos on this blog aren’t a hit parade. They’re photos I’ve taken, usually recently, which for some reason I thought were interesting. That might be because I thought they were successful, but it also might be because I thought they were failures but were still interesting for some reason.

Unless they’re mentioned specifically in the text of a post, the photos aren’t intended to correspond to the text of the post. I just pick a photo at random, usually before I’ve even decided what I’m going to write about. People have observed that often the photo and the text seem related, which is interesting but entirely coincidental.

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