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Photography that makes me jealous award

Posted in Photography that makes me jealous Award by Paul Butzi on December 31, 2009


This week’s “Photography that makes me jealous” award goes to Kathleen Connally (@durhamtownship on twitter and on the web) for this photo.

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Photography that makes me jealous

Posted in PTMMj award by Paul Butzi on December 12, 2009


Periodically on Twitter I’ve been mentioning what I call the “Photography that makes me jealous” award, which is awarded (by me) to the photographer and work which caught my eye and made me think “Oh, jeez. I wish I’d made that. Why do I bother doing my stuff? This person’s stuff is awesome, with a capital awe. And my stuff, well. You know.”

I originally planned to make awards weekly. Hah! The award has been granted sporadically.

This week’s award goes to John Perkins for his project “Empty New York”, which you can view by going to

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